Seal The Deal, Get To What’s Really Important

A great recruiter get’s to what is most important to the candidate and then seals the deal.

During negotiations many top prospects are lost by not providing the right incentives to seal the deal. There are lots of qualified candidates out there, you need to get the deal done before someone sneaks in and steals the position out from under you.

Seal The Deal

Most law firms make the mistake of looking for a specific set of skills and experience, turning a blind eye to any profiles that fall outside the lines of a pre-determined list of qualifications. Just because everything looks good on paper, doesn’t necessarily equate to a good fit. Work with a recruiter who can read between the lines. A savvy recruiter realizes that important information about the position such as the firm’s culture and the critical requirement must be properly communicated.

A law firm’s best talent can’t always be found in its backyard. Firms are faced with the challenge of finding talent with specialized skills and experience. That’s why today, more and more law firms are looking to broaden their searches.  

Law firms want the best talent and looking for creative ways to bring on the right candidate. It’s important to have all the tools necessary to secure the very best. That’s why legal recruiters and law firms strategies for sourcing top talent needs to be innovative. Relocating a rainmaker from outside the area is one such solution.  

A strong relocating benefit allows recruiters to search for talent outside of the law firm’s region to bring in new blood, that can take the firm to the next level. Relocation is a win-win for high profile candidates and the law firm. (See States That Have Reciprocity)

Recruiting is a creative and intuitive process. A good recruiter spends time getting to know what is important from the candidate’s point-of-view and the law firm’s perspective.  You’ve got to get it right, to seal the deal.

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