The Glass Ceiling: How Woman Lawyers Overcome The Confidence Gap

The Glass Ceiling: How Woman Lawyers Overcome The Confidence Gap

Now is the time to get equitable compensation due to the inequality of gender pay.

Law firms are hungry for the top talent and there has never been a better time for women to command the highest pay. In this new normal workplace, savvy law firms are offering the flexibility to work remotely. This presents women with top talent new opportunities who can’t work at the office.

The truth is there is money out there for women who know where to look. Women now represent nearly half of all associates and more than a third of partners at the top law firms. More than one-fifth of equity partners are now women (Working Mother, August/September 2018).

Frustration, disappointment, denial, and fear.
Lawyers are by nature risk-averse. That said, there has never been a better time to make the move to a new firm. Now is the time to get equitable compensation due to the inequality of gender pay.

Women tend to undervalue their portfolio, opting to stick it out rather than see what they command in the marketplace. Women often poorly articulate their true worth.

“Ask yourself if you are in line as successor to the firm? How transparent is compensation at your firm? Are you working actively to build your book of business?” – says Shari Davidson, President of On Balance Search Consultants.

Work with a legal recruiter to get a realistic, comprehensive snapshot of your body of work including:

  • The specific level of your client contacts.
  • The length of your relationships with important clients and partners.
  • The significance of the cases handled and the outcomes. Quantify the results.
  • And how many other people share credit for your success stories.

Walk the walk, talk the talk.

  • Focus on the strengths you possess and your achievements.
  • Don’t be a Debbie Downer, never look at any situation negatively. Be positive.
  • Radiate optimism and bring a vibrant positive can-do attitude to the table.
  • People are attracted to winners, walk the walk and dress for success.
  • It’s a confidence game. Transmit a feeling of confidence to others.
  • What you say and how you say it translates. Talk the talk.
  • Confident individuals use communication practices that convey certainty with others while also making them feel more confident about themselves.

Don’t limit yourself, stop making excuses for why things are not going your way. Don’t drag yourself down. 

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