Trends In Law: How To Thrive In The Era Of Disruption

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, it’s important to understand the legal marketplace and how the trends impact your career in the coming year. In this new era of disruption it’s critical that you routinely assess your career goals. Considering a lateral move in 2018?


Partner Moves By Practice Area (Firm Prospects LLC Dec 2016 – Nov 2017)


Below highlights the top markets experiencing the most movement by practice areas. These insights could potentially impact advancing your career in the next year. Let’s take a look:

  • California, New York City, Texas, Florida and Chicago are the top markets for litigation here in the United States. In fact these five markets make up half of all the law practiced in the area.
  • In the era of disruption, not surprisingly New York City is the market for corporate law. That’s not going to change any time soon. Big Law thrives in the Big Apple. 
  • As we rapidly approach the end of 2017, now is the time consider focusing on intellectual property rights. No field is more rife with cyber threats to protect businesses intellectual property. Los Angeles,Manhattan and Washington, DC Manhattan are the top three markets for practicing intellectual law here in the United States.
  • Global market forces and accelerating and new proposed tax regulations make New York City the financial capital of the world and Washington is where all the regulations are enacted. Not surprisingly these two markets comprise the lion’s share of where financial litigation is done.
  • The issue of pay equity between women and men has been garnering a growing amount of attention making litigation from class actions to individual cases—an increasingly common occurrence. California, Texas, New York City and Pennsylvania are the top markets for labor and employment law.
  • Trump administration could spur more real estate activity next year. New York City and Los Angeles are the top markets in law for real estate in the United States.
  • Manhattan is and will always be the financial capital of the world. Business gets done in New York.

Ready to make the lateral partner move? You’ll need to clearly detail how you got to where you are and why the you’re the best. Not sure you are being compensated equitably for your efforts? Have you valued your book of business? Detail how much revenue each client contributes and what verticals have historically been most profitable.

Working with a local legal recruiter can benefit your job search in several ways. Let’s schedule a time to sit down and assess your worth and value in the marketplace.

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