Confessions of a Legal Recruiter: Get Ready For The Zoom Interview

Live or recorded, video interviewing has arrived. Zoom interviewing is very different than meeting in person.

The ZOOM Interview
Confessions of a Legal Recruiter: The Zoom Interview

“Dress from head to toe, it doesn’t matter that you are only seen from above the waist. Put on your best shoes, this will help you be prepared for the interview,” Shari Davidson – President of On Balance Search Consultants.

Here are some tips to help your next video interview go as smoothly as possible:

Dress appropriately. Treat the video interview like you would an in-person interview.

  • Do not wear white (shirts, blouses or jackets) as white way too bright and distracting.
  • Avoid wearing pure black as this can cause your face to wash out a bit due to overexposure. And super-bright colors (reds, yellows, pinks, etc.) can give your skin a slight reddish, unnatural tint on camera.
  • Men, do not wear pinstripes, hound’s-tooth, herringbone, or anything that has a busy pattern. As the camera tends to distort images.
  • Softer, solid colors will work great. A dark, deep blue is one of the best options. Avoid any high contrast between two colors, as it won’t do well on camera.
  • Make sure your nose and forehead are not too to shiny. Men can apply some cream and women apply makeup not to appear too pale.
  • And if you wear glasses, make sure they are glare-proof and that we can see your eyes. If you have contacts, this might be a good time to use them.

Some video interviews are Skyped live and some only give you one shot at the video recording. Make sure you prepare. “It is so important to get the video interview right. Remember, in this new digital world your video lives in perpetuity. Be sure you make it great,” says Shari Davidson.


  • Find quiet place to record your video.
  • Set up a neutral backdrop (at least 2 feet behind you to limit back shadow).
  • Set up the camera so that the angle is eye-level and about one to two feet from you when recording.
  • Look into the camera – not the screen. Looking at the screen may distract you.
  • Have lights placed about 2.5 – 3.5 feet on either side of you and at least the same height as the camera while recording. This helps achieve even lighting across your face to diminish shadow and wrinkles.
  • When preparing, adjust the camera angle, sound and lighting as needed.


  • Practice in front of the camera by rehearsing your responses to interview questions. Don’t stammer, stutter, pause or start saying “uh-huh” or “like” or “um”.
  • Keep your answers short and get right to the point, you will have a limited amount of time to respond.
  • Make a Cheat Sheet

    Put a Post-It Note cheat sheet with notes, questions, or needed inspiration directly to the screen or to the wall behind your camera.

The Interview

  • Many people find being in front of the camera to be distracting. Make sure you are comfortable, calm, cool and convey confidence during the video.
  • Project a nice, smooth, natural gaze. Energy and enthusiasm must come across, but it must be sincere.
  • A good rule is to not sustain eye-contact for longer than 5 seconds at a time. Then break eye-contact, look away briefly, breathe, then reconnect.
  • Try having a friend sit behind the camera. Don’t talk to at the camera but to your friend. This will give your video that authentic personal touch. And help set you apart from the competition.
  • Smile, but not too much. Come across as friendly and personable. And don’t grin.
  • Posture conveys confidence. Sit upright in your chair and keep your back straight.
  • Face directly into the camera and don’t show too much of a side angle.
  • Avoid hand movement gestures including, touching your hair and face and tapping your fingers.
  • Choose a Small Backed Chair
    Find a comfortable balance between leaning far forward and reclining too far-back. Also adjust your chair to make sure you’re not too low or high in the frame.
  • Eliminate distractions. 
    Let everyone in the house know that you are not to be disturbed as you are on an important interview.
    Silence your cell phone as well as any pop-ups.
    Close the door and windows in your room.
    Shut off the radio and any other potential distractions.
    Put the dog out or somewhere where he won’t be heard. 
  • Wear Some Earbuds

    Audio quality is critical, don’t risk poor sound distortion.   

Final Thoughts

Before going live, schedule a test video interview with a friend. Then critique your performance. Be sure to have your resume, job description, and your notes handy so you can refer to them between questions. And have a water bottle close by should you need to stay hydrated.

Good luck on nailing your next video interview!

The ZOOM Interview Tips

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