Confessions of a Legal Recruiter: Ghosting Is No Trick, Things Can Get Spooky

Never compromise your integrity, it’s always about being transparent and credible. 

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People suddenly walk off the job, and just don’t come back. No notice, no warning, no sign that anything was wrong. ‘Ghosting’ is happening across all industries and occupations. Lower paying jobs have historically had no shows, but it’s now happening in the white-collar workplace. And it’s becoming commonplace. 

It’s been pretty rough out there and many feel that they have not been treated fairly. The workplace has become a toxic, chaotic work environment with no job security. Now that the job market is improving, candidates are now ‘ghosting’ job interviews.

The legal profession is a small community.  Yes, if you google how many attorneys there are in the NY Metro area the numbers are staggering.  Somehow, everyone still knows everyone. 

Time is valuable. Law firms need to stop calling in a candidate to satisfy the firm’s hiring policy. That goes both ways. “I had one candidate who wanted to interview with one of my clients, meanwhile they accepted a position with another in the same building. Somehow it got back to me, and well neither my firm or my client will work with this attorney ever again. Ghosting is not cool,” — said Shari Davidson, President On Balance Search Consultants.  

Communication is critical. Give immediate feedback to your recruiter. Don’t keep candidates in the dark. Take the initiative and stay in constant communication to update candidates on their status. Remember it’s a people business, firms and candidates alike can ill afford a bad reputation for poor professionalism. 

“Know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ’em. Trust your gut! Not every law firm deserves you nor is a good fit. Rejection is hard but being left out there waiting is intolerable. Don’t take it personally. Move on,” said Shari Davison. 

Know the three rules of business: 1. Cover your ass; 2. Cover your ass; and 3. Cover your ass. Believe it or not, every industry is a tight-knit community. Best not to burn bridges that can come back to haunt you down the road. 

“Ghosting recruiters and hiring managers is a really bad idea, but I understand the thinking behind it. Sure it feels good, but resist the temptation. Always leave a good impression, at the very least shoot off an email. Let them know that you’ve decided to pursue other options and thank them for considering you. You’ll be glad you did,” said Shari Davidson.

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